Product information

Traficom’s new regulation about taxi price lists and product information.

Taksatarra is a new service designed for taxi drivers and companies. Our service allows you to quickly and easily design a new price list sticker. Designing the sticker is browser-based and with the live preview you can make sure that the sticker is exactly what you want. Order the sticker through our online shop.

On 9.12.2019, Traficom issued an order for a taxi to provide information to the passenger and to maintain price information outside the taxi. The provision is well defined; colors, minimum size, font, font point sizes, line spacing, icons to be used, and icon sizes. The order will enter into force on 1.2.2020. Design and order your taxi price list stickers from here

Other taxi price list stickers

With Taksatarra application you can also design dashboard stickers at later date.